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2 years ago
1st Sunday 2012

Tofebruary Sponsored Giveaway!

Hi guys! I would like to start off this New Year with my [taimu] second giveaway, featuring jewelry from tofebruary. Tofebruary is an online store selling tons of accessories, drama collectibles, and Asian fashion. I had shopped from this store for a while now and I had always loved their products. So why not spread the word?


  1. You do not have to be following me, although it would be nice~
  2. Please like tofebruary’s facebook page. They are sponsoring this giveaway, so it would be great to show your thanks by showing support.
  3. Like only once.
  4. You may reblog as many times as you want.
  5. Do not reblog this on a giveaway blog. If you do, I will automatically disqualify you.
  6. Have your ask box open so I would be able to contact you if you win ^^~
  7. Please read this entire post before asking any questions.

This giveaway will start from January 1st to February 5th. I would like to give everyone a chance to win something for themselves or for their loved ones just in time for Valentine’s Day. There would be THREE winners and each winner would be able to choose any accessory of his/her choice from the tofebruary website. I will be announcing the winners and will be personally contacting them as well. I will only give 24 hours for the winners to reply - if the 24 hours are up then I will be choosing new winners. Of course, I will also print screen the results~ This giveaway is open to everyone!

Good luck~ ^^♥


Winners are shown here.

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